Honda Day Atco 2012 *Boston Rollout*


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    Honda Day Atco 2012 *Boston Rollout*

    Post  HondaFettish781 on Wed Feb 01, 2012 1:28 am

    Meetup from Midnight-1:30 am on the 14th, Cruise to Atco raceway From there, Working out gas stops/ rest areas to be taken as a group. This has us arriving at the gates a 7:30 am or so, adjustments to this may be made as time passes to plan accordingly for weather/ traffic/ closures etc, full info on all stops made on the way down will be given by next week. Local hotels etc for those planning to stay the full 2 days will be posted here as well. If anyone has any additional ideas, PM me.

    - Just like we didlast year, same meetup, and avoiding tolls as much as possible, full route, Hotel/event info etc. is available on the Facebook event page. We're around 40 strong so far, but more cars equals more fun! Looking into getting some event decals made if the interest is there, More than likely going to be free of charge as well. Thanks!

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