Force jdmass people to make accoutns here.



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    Force jdmass people to make accoutns here.

    Post  TTkickedin on Fri Nov 23, 2012 4:51 pm

    whats the point of having a forum if there's going to be like 3 people online at a given time.

    and can you make another view for the entire forum with muted colors, that looks like a normal webpage that's not car related? The black and red isnt so work safe. Although i do like it, myself, i have to minimize the window to about 50% of it's height at all times on most forums. I work in an office, hard to be inconspicuous.

    I work with web design/sharepoint administration/business analytics. How can i be a moderator? or webmaster or soemthing here? im good w/ html/css/javascript/..
    looks like this page is running primarily just javascript too.

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