90 CRX Si parts car for sale - $100 - Lowell, MA



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    90 CRX Si parts car for sale - $100 - Lowell, MA

    Post  panaphobic on Mon Sep 17, 2012 5:12 pm

    I have a 1990 CRX Si parts car for sale. It's not worth your time trying to make this car into one for the streets or the track. The under-body is all rusted and it's not in great shape. Let me list the things that are NOT on the car (I might forget a few things as well).


    • Hood
    • Bumpers
    • Fenders
    • Side skirts
    • Engine
    • Exhaust
    • Front suspension
    • Gauge Cluster
    • Driver's seat
    • Windshield (it's broken)
    • Door Panels
    • Steering wheel
    • Steering column
    • Hatch cover (interior piece)

    Things that might be worth taking (not much):

    • Rear disc brakes
    • Hatch (glass is good, but has some holes from an aftermarket spoiler)
    • Two (2) good steelies
    • Passenger seat
    • Doors for an 88-89 CRX (the jerk off before me replaced the doors with the wrong ones, so it doesn't have any seat belts!)
    • Scrap for the junk yard
    • Maybe a few other things.....

    All you need to do is bring me $100 and you tow it out of here. There is a junk yard down the road but I don't have a way to bring it there and they want to charge me to have it picked up. I figure if someone can tow it out, they could take off the rest of the good parts and sell them, and then junk the rest and probably get their money back just from the scrap metal, plus the parts they take off on top of that. I just don't have the energy to try and part it out anymore. Too many low ballers out there or people standing me up on deals. Anyone who wants it, send me a text at: NINEsevenEIGHT-479-89O8. (Sorry, trying to block out scammers with the text version of the numbers, was getting a lot of them calling me for a while.)

    $100 takes it! I will not part it out anymore, I just want it gone!!!

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