1996 Acura integra


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    1996 Acura integra Empty 1996 Acura integra

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    1996 LS, 170k on block and body, rebuilt 2000 ls head, new b16 tranny (mint, no grinds or pop-outs). OEM type-r spoiler, full 2.5" exhaust, halos, performance clutch, cold air intake, over the top stabilizer bar, and last but not least GS-R special editions. NO CHECK engine light. Needs body work, an alignment, and a break line fixed (about $200 in repairs). Text 857-222-1995.

    For pics visit craigslist, just type in 1996 acura integra, and set price min and max at 2100, you should see it, with location set as boston. Thank you

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