Review & Discussion thread: Tuners,Shops, Online stores, Builders.



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    Review & Discussion thread: Tuners,Shops, Online stores, Builders.

    Post  slowboyy on Mon Feb 13, 2012 4:53 pm

    First off this is not a bashing thread. if you had a bad experience please give a detailed reason why you will not recommend them for service.
    if you have great reviews of work or past work please post details of the shop contact and directory. AGAIN THIS IS A REVIEW FOR ONLY TUNERS,SHOPS, ONLINE STORE,BUILDERS.

    I start

    Tom downes
    Wicked innovation(351 Liberty Lane Unit 14 West Kingston, RI 02892
    (401) 788-3630.

    This guy does some real good work. did a street tune on a old setup car drove hella good. got the car back in a reasonable time told me what issues i needed to address before he street tuned. gave a reasonable price for the tune. didnt mind talking and anserwing any of my questions. he fab work is just sick.

    CLM Motorsports 61 E.Runyon St Newark NJ 908.578.3094.

    One of the best tuners i ever met. this guy will answer all your questions and give you alot of advice. not to mention he one of the best AEM tuners around. if your looking to get good advice if your starting a boosted setup and will have him tune it give him a call. prices are not that bad especially if your driving from outta town and your having him do some work on the car.....
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    Re: Review & Discussion thread: Tuners,Shops, Online stores, Builders.

    Post  SQ is the SQUAD on Thu Mar 15, 2012 9:43 am

    xenocron Tuning Solutions
    Hillburn Ny

    Chris Harris (owner) is the type of person you want to do business with. Chris is a great Honda tuner. his staff is professional and curtious. he has a new in house tuner chris D. that is a well respected west cost tuner that can tune just about anything on any system.

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