Supa's S13 and EVO X


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    Supa's S13 and EVO X

    Post  SupaDoopa on Sat Feb 04, 2012 1:45 am

    Don't you worry. The S13 has 18x9.5+14/18x11+0 VS-KF's, 20mm Origin single-vent front/50mm Origin rear overfenders, Origin stylish kit, some moar low, and paint all waiting. Just gotta get home. Progress is posted in the blogspot link in my signature. I'm probably missing a ton on the S13 with more to come, but that's where I'm sitting at pretty much right as we speak.

    EVO mods:
    ISC coilovers
    19x9.5 +20 Enkei RPF1s
    2010 black housing EVO tails

    S13 mods:

    Under the hood:
    S13 SR20DET black top
    All brand new Apex'i gaskets
    S15 Spec-R dual ball bearing T28
    STANCE reclocking kit
    GReddy turbo elbow
    SPEC Stage 4 6-puck sprung clutch
    555cc DWerks injectors
    NISMO motor mounts
    NISMO tranny mount
    NISMO oil cap
    ISIS radiator and hoses
    ISIS twin radiator fans
    Custom FMIC piping
    Apex'i mushroom intake
    N62 MAF
    GReddy oil catch can
    Fujii-SPL radiator overflow tank
    Fujii-SPL half tubs

    Function & Form type 2 coilovers
    SPL tension rods
    TEIN inner and outer tie rods
    OEM tie rod boots
    PBM tie rod spacers
    PBM toe rod
    PBM tension rod
    Tanabe Sustech rear sway bar
    HICAS front sway bar
    VLSD diff
    Non-HICAS subframe
    SPL solid subframe bushings
    SPL solid diff mounting bushings
    Energy bushing master kit
    HKS Super Dragger2
    17/16 BMC
    Ichiba 5-lug conversion hubs
    300ZX front and rear aluminum calipers
    Brembo blanks
    Agency Power conversion lines
    Project Kics bolt on spacers
    ABS removed

    VIPER alarm and tracker
    Apex'i PowerFC with commander
    GReddy turbo timer
    NRG 2.5 quick release
    NRG slim hub
    PERSONAL steering wheel
    Broadway rear view
    BRIDE FG driver's seat rail
    S14 manual seat belts
    FLOSSY shift knob
    JDM cluster
    STRI 52mm DSD electronic boost gauge
    PBM spin knob
    Suede headliner
    Battery relocated to trunk

    Origin 20mm single-vent front fenders
    Origin 50mm rear over fenders
    Origin STYLISH kit
    326 rear spoiler
    DMAX roof spoiler
    Kouki tails
    RPS13 garnish
    17x9.5 +15 MB Battles
    18x9.5 +15 / 18x11 +/-0 Work VS-KFs
    Muteki SR35 locking purple lug nuts with 5 different locks
    Wingless, wiperless hatch


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    Re: Supa's S13 and EVO X

    Post  RoboTron on Sat Feb 04, 2012 2:20 am

    both very nice cars! welcome bump


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    Re: Supa's S13 and EVO X

    Post  Trankii on Sat Feb 04, 2012 10:00 pm

    -----> Drift, FTW

    NASSTY WHipps !

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    Re: Supa's S13 and EVO X

    Post  showdown on Sun Feb 05, 2012 12:29 pm

    Dope whips Jay. cant wait to see the 240 in action. Thanks for serving the country as well. get home safe homie.


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    Re: Supa's S13 and EVO X

    Post  SupaDoopa on Mon Feb 06, 2012 1:23 am

    Thanks for the appreciation. Can't wait to get home. Supposedly getting on a flight here soon. I can't wait for the car to FINALLY be done too. She's come a LONG way.

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    Re: Supa's S13 and EVO X

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